Our strategy and vision

Our Strategy and Vision

'Reading Means Business on Climate Change' is Reading's current climate change strategy. Within this strategy we have set out the below vision:

'Reading's thriving network of businesses and organisations will be at the forefront of developing solutions for reducing carbon emissions and preparing for climate change. Low carbon living will be the norm in 2050.' 

This network called Reading Climate Action Network will

develop a low carbon Reading to reduce the borough's carbon emissions affecting climate change by 34% by 2020.

prepare Reading for a changing climate by identifying areas in Reading which are vulnerable to the inevitable impacts of climate change and preparing to be ready for them. 

Themes and strategic priorities:

We've broken down our strategy into eight themes, and have identified strategic priorities for each. These provide the framework for the 'Reading Means Business on Climate Change' action plan.

The eight themes are:

Action plan:

The action plan identifies how we will achieve the strategic priorities, through actions delivered by a range of organisations. The RCCP board will monitor progress against the actions and targets each year and the action plan will be reviewed annually. 


Everyone has a part to play in reducing our carbon emissions and preparing for a changing climate. We've developed 'challenges' to support the action plan that any individual or organisation based in the Reading area can sign up to and take on. By signing up to a challenge they will automatically become a member of 'Reading Climate Action Network'

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