Our project support fund


FundingThe Reading Climate Change Partnership is offering a fund of up to £2,000 for organisations who will help us reduce carbon emissions / help prepare for the effects of climate change.
This fund is open to the business and community sector for non capital projects.  RCCP will oversee the funds.

Deadlines are on going. Applications will be reviewed in RCCP board meetings in January, April, July and October each year.  Please get your application to us early in the month.

Limit per application: £2,000 for approximately 10 projects.

Apply by completing the project support form (link on left hand side).  If you would like to discuss the suitability of your project, please contact us.

Conditions of funding / application process

Funds will be made available for projects that support the delivery of the Reading Climate change strategy (RCCS).

1. Funds will cover project development or additional costs of innovation rather than provide primary capital investment or running costs.

2. Grants would typically be less than £2000 although higher amounts will be considered if a business case justifies the benefits.

3. The Applicant should be an organisation.

4. The applicant will be a deliverer or a member of RCAN (Reading Climate Action Network)* whereby the project is linked to 'strategic priority' or an action in the RCCS action plan or a challenge of RCAN.

5. The applicant to have a track record of delivering projects.

Guidelines for applicants

We are looking for innovative projects that help us deliver the aims of the strategy. The strategy covers a range of theme’s under which actions can be classified.

Examples of what we are looking for and possible projects

Shared learning is encouraged, collaborative working & new initiatives / innovations. 

  •  Shared solutions to purchasing / waste management – i.e. set up collective purchase of sustainable goods / set up collections for multiple sites for recyclables like cardboard.
  •  Use outdoor areas to educate on wildlife topics, install bee / bird boxes, or encourage food growing.
  •  Facilitate a bulk buying scheme for DIY products for energy efficiency or renewable energy.
  • Encourage ‘borrow rather than own’ i.e. the sharing of tools / gardening equipment etc.
  •  Audit and reduce water use – fit in with an educational program with users of your centre and other centres.
  •  Sustainable transport encourage reduced vehicular travel – cycling clubs, promote walking / cycling schemes.
  •  A green / eco festival to celebrate an international/national event like Earth Day or World Environment Day.
  •  This fund could compliment a capital grant where a viability study is needed prior to building works.
  •  New, innovative projects are welcome. 
Limitations / restrictions

Businesses & community groups operating outside the Reading area.
Applications for capital works only are not accepted.

Applications funded to date

Feasibility study and tree survey for hydro power system on the River Thames
Reading Food Growing Network - Town Meal 2015 and Harvest Festival October 2014
Green Education - wind turbine tours at Green Park wind turbine
Southcote Growallot - food growing outreach and
'Revolution' - connecting climate change and music - a free education event hosted by the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra

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