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Green Business 101

Tracey Rawling Church, RCCP board member, representing the business sector and from locally based company Kyocera Document Solutions, has written this useful guide to help businesses from the start of their journey by giving tips on good house keeping to more detailed carbon foot printing.

The areas covered by this guide are:

 Energy – data from your electricity and gas bills
 Water – data from your water bill (consumption, not waste)
 Paper – invoices from your paper supplier(s)
 Vehicle fuel – easiest with fuelcards, but can be done from expenses claims
 Waste – your commercial waste contractor should be able to provide data

The full guide is free to download here.


We will be putting together some more guidance and details of tools and organisations that you might find helpful in completing your challenges or actions. We’ll be dividing them according to whether they are most appropriate for individuals or organisations.

For now, we have provided guidance on completing the 7% challenge.

To access the resources, click on the relevant link below:

Resources for organisations
Resources for individuals

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