What organisations can do

46% of Reading’s greenhouse gas emissions come from commercial activity, so businesses will play a vital role in developing solutions and responses to climate change. We’re also keen for other organisations to get involved, including academic and religious institutions, charities and community groups.

Organisations can get involved by signing up to take on one or more of our challenges. 

You can also get involved by becoming a deliverer, which means committing to carrying out one of the actions on our action plan. If you take up either of these options your organisation will become a member of Reading Climate Action Network.

Make your own commitment

Our challenges are ways we identified to help us reach our goal. However there are many ways to contribute. If you have an idea, why not share it through joining the Reading Climate Action Network - simply go to the challenges sign up form and select 'other' when making your commitment.

Business focus

Our strategy has a focus on businesses in particular and outlines the variety of actions
you can undertake to meet our aims and also make a valuable contribution to your
organisation.  These are outlined in our business focus sections in each theme of the strategy. Read a summary of them here.

Local case studies

Organisations involved in the Reading Climate Change Partnership have already started doing great work to reduce their environmental impact. You can see some case studies here.

Find out about becoming a deliverer.

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