Reading Town Meal – 1st October 2016

RTM bannerReading Town Meal started as a bi-annual grant funded event, which saw the mass production and give away of locally grown meals.  (RCAN was pleased to be one of its sponsors last year.)

It has built popularity over the years and this year, when the grants had dried up, it was successfully crowd funded for the first time. This demonstrates the strong support for local food growing and environmental events in Reading. Well done to the organisers for holding off the rain for the duration of the event as well!

Thank you bannerCampaign groups with stalls at the event included Berkshire Green Peace, highlighting the threat of Siemens hydro dam project in the Amazon – threatening indigenous communities as well as the environment. They drew in people to sign the petition against the dams with their homemade washing machine.

Greenpeace campaign centre pieceCompassion for World Farming were also collecting signatures ‘to end the cage age’ for farming animals, a practice many wrongly think has already ended. However, animals are still being bred and kept in appalling conditions while awaiting slaughter for meat in Europe, and the lovable rabbit is the second most farmed animal in the EU. Find out more on their website.

Reading Friends Of the Earth were raising awareness of the widening of the M4 and air quality and Global Justice Now were raising awarness of trade deals that remove the rights of people and planet in favour of profits for corporations.

There were many more organisations promoting their good work.  We look forward to welcoming this event back to Reading next year.

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