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Low CarbonPlease notice that we are working on a new website at the moment - due for launch in September 2018. This will be easier to browse and for us to keep up to date. The website will also host the updated Reading Climate Change Strategy, which has been reviewed over that last 12 months.

OUR VISION - to build a thriving network of businesses and organisations who will be at the forefront of developing solutions for reducing carbon emissions and preparing for climate change.

RCAN - Reading Climate Action NetworkWhy businesses? 46% of Reading's greenhouse gas emissions come from commercial activity. That's why it's crucial for businesses to be involved in developing solutions, with us, to tackle climate change.

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Carbon Trust grantsWe also want the whole community of Reading to get involved and become part of our Reading Climate Action Network.

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Latest news, events & articles 

Group shot - Science Matters Oct 2016The Carbon Trust and Office of Low Emissons Vehicles currently have grants available for businesses.  Read more here

If you missed the Brian Cox Science Matters on Climate Change earlier this month (October 2016), you haven't missed out completely - you can watch it here (1hr 27mins)

Thank you bannerThe Reading Town Meal in October demonstrated the resilience of community spirit.  Read about it here

Readings own 'Green Fest' debuted on 11th June 2016 in the town centre, highlighting environmental causes and campaigns to passersby as part of Readings Year of Culture.  Read how it went...

Development in Reading; 

Kenavon Drive -  L&Q are asking for comments on their preliminary plans to develop the Toys R Us and Homebase site into housing.  Look at their plans and submit your comments through their website.

Madejski Stadium - planning permission is expected to be sought for the Royal Elm Park development soon, however, local press have reported that the Environment Agency have commented on the impact on the environment.  Find out more     

Read our full article on Housing Development in Reading...

Green Business 101

Read this useful guide to help businesses from the start of their eco-journey. Advice ranges from tips on good house keeping to the more thorough undertaking of measuring you carbon footprint. Find out more....

Has your business planned for the effects of extreme weather? 

Business can plan to avoid disruption caused by floods, heat waves and other extreme weather.  Find out more... 

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Up to £2,000 for local projects, find out more.

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